Tips for Stratego given by players

These next two tips are from Ken McElhaney. Thanks Ken.

These next comments are from Daniel Wakabayashi. Thanks Daniel.

This next tip is from Catherine. Thanks for writing.

These next tips are from Don Lowe. Thanks Don. This next tip is from Keith Ayen. Thanks Keith. Wade Oliver sent in this next tip. Thanks Wade. This similar tip is from Patrick McFarlan. Many thanks. Cliff Peshek provided the following tips. Thanks Cliff.

We can thank Philip van Dijk for these next tips.

This tip comes from Robert. Many thanks. These come from David Phillips. Thanks Dave. This piece placement was sent to anonymously, with no comments. This tip comes from "Sonic." Thanks. Many thanks for these comments from Kenneth Grimmer. These tips were provided from Denis Brilliant. Thanks to Dan Burkhart for this tip. Thanks to Allen Butt for the following tips.